June 2013 – Private Cloud

I don’t know why, but vacation season surprises me every year.   I’m busy working along, trying to get through the to-do list, and all of a sudden no one is around to work with.  I never mind though when it is my turn (which is coming up after the 4th)!

We get kudos all the time, but there is one fresh in my mind this week.  We had a client unexpectedly evacuated from their building, and it looks like this might last awhile.  With their AltiGen system, we instantly routed the calls from that office to another location – literally as they were walking out of the building – with basically no downtime.  We had them up and running the next morning with employees working both from home and an alternate office.  At the end of the day, the client remarked “Wow, this new phone system has certainly paid for itself today!”.  If your phone system isn’t that flexible, let me show you what we can do!

Continuing our cloud discussion, this month we will discuss Private Cloud.  This is currently a very popular option to consider.  With Private Cloud, you are moving your application or data offsite to a data center.  This gains you the cloud benefits of lower up front capital costs, and easier “anywhere, any device” type access.  However, with Private Cloud, the servers remain under your control.  This negates the CONS of loss of control and security concerns.  You and your IT company do remain responsible for maintaining and supporting the infrastructure.  However, since it is not shared, you maintain the current level of flexibility and privacy.  For many firms subject to regulation such as financial institutions and healthcare organizations, this may allow them to explore cloud solutions while remaining compliant.  If you have questions about the cloud, give me a call and I’m happy to help.   Next month we will continue the discussion with Hybrid Cloud solutions.