July 2013 – Hybrid Cloud

Introducing Chris Turner!   Chris is our new Marketing and Service Coordinator.  I’m sure you will be hearing from her soon, but feel free to give her a call at the office or send her an email at chris@netinn.com to say hello.

Chris is a highly experienced professional with a background in employee development, corporate communications, client experience, event planning and project management.  She spent the last 16 years in the banking arena working with everything from sales and marketing to vendor management, risk management and client communications and strategies.  Chris has experience with branch design, process redesign and quality control.  She has several years of training and development experience and enjoys developing relationships with clients.  When she is outside the office, Chris is very active in the Blue Valley School District and is also a volunteer for Girls on The Run Kansas City.  Chris enjoys spending time with her husband and three kids as well as spending time with family and friends.  In her spare time Chris enjoys running and is training for the Kansas City Half Marathon.

To wrap up our cloud discussion, let’s talk about Hybrid Cloud.  This is of course the “best of all worlds” scenario of integrating local systems, private cloud and public cloud solutions as appropriate for each application.  You’ve probably been using Hybrid cloud for years and didn’t even know it.  Is your website hosted by an outside provider?  And possibly your email?  That’s hybrid cloud, and you were doing it before it was cool.

Hybrid cloud is what we should be talking about.  Very few business models fit into just one cloud philosophy.  We need to look at all of the applications and functions crucial to your business, and find the right solution for each.  If a public cloud solution can meet one of your needs (like email) for less money, that’s the way to go.  If a private cloud solution gives better access to product literature for your field reps, let’s do it.  If your Line-of-business (LOB) application is more secure on local servers, keep them.  And let’s back it all up to private cloud storage!

The technology cloud is vast and ever changing, just like its namesake.  Equal parts bleeding edge technology and established, proven technology.  Don’t be afraid, let us help you use the cloud to achieve the end result we are all looking for:  efficient, productive tools that you can leverage as a competitive advantage in your business.