August 2013 – Free Cloud

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I do have one more thought to add to our cloud discussion.  I need to point out that in all cases I was referring to paid cloud services.  Free cloud services are pretty much never appropriate for business use, and Google gave us a reminder of that this month.  In a legal brief filed by Google on July 13th, they cited a statement recently made by the Supreme Court “Indeed, a person has no legitimate expectation of privacy in information he voluntarily turns over to third parties”.   Even with paid cloud services, privacy and security remain the most significant concerns, and it is imperative that you understand and trust the service provider’s privacy and security policies.  However, certainly as these developments indicate, any data you entrust with a free cloud provider should be considered fair game.  The service provider is free to use and expose that data in any manner they choose.   Keep in mind, if you send email to a gmail user, (or other free cloud service), you are also surrendering your expectation of privacy.