January 2013 – OneNote, Amy’s Book

Amy’s second book is out!  For those of you following along with her contemporary romance series, Racing To Love, Jesse’s Soul released on January 5th.  You can find her books on Amazon, and her blog has some free novellas and more information at amygregory548.com!  Look for the third installment, Eli’s Honor, this summer.


If you have Microsoft Office on your computer, you likely have an app called “OneNote”.  If you haven’t checked it out, you should.  OneNote is a well kept secret that has changed my life!

OneNote is a note-taking app.  You can easily organize all the notes in your life, but it does so much more.   You create a “notebook” for each category of notes.  For example, I have a notebook for each of our key vendors.  In each notebook you can have sections and pages.  So for AltiGen, I have a section for the onsite Dealer Council meeting for each year, and in each section, I have a page for each agenda item.  Then I add a pages for each follow-up conference call.  When a call is upcoming, I can easily and quickly review my notes from the previous calls and meetings!

Follow up is made easier due to the fact that you can insert links to documents, web pages, images, etc.  You can also highlight and star items just as you would paper notes  – but you can “tag” sections that are later searchable – noting they are questions, todo’s, important, book to read, discussion to have, etc.  VERY powerful.

To add to the power, you can email a page, section or notebook to another user, and you can even share them for collaboration.  My peer group created a shared notebook for the ultimate employee handbook.  We laid out the table of contents, and then each member pasted their content in the appropriate area.  Then we collapsed all the different versions into one comprehensive document.

My whole life is now in OneNote.  Each of the Boards I am on have a notebook, with sections for each meeting or committee.  Don’t tell my wife, but I even have a notebook for gift ideas!  Anytime I have an idea or she mentions something, it goes in the notebook for future reference!

Check out OneNote today, I think it has a place for everyone.  If you have any questions, let me know and I’ll be happy to help!

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