Summer – Vacation Time!

In Kansas City, there’s no way to miss the fact that summer is here.  100 degree days with high humidity zap your energy and make the office warm in the afternoon.  It’s also vacation time!

I strongly encourage you to find time to unwind and recharge this summer.  Burnout affects us all, and a short break will lead you back into the office with renewed energy and a better attitude.  A friend posted a quote on Facebook yesterday “The world is full of people who will go through their whole lives and not actually LIVE one day”.  A vacation is an investment that will generate great returns.

Last month, my family took a roadtrip vacation to Nashville and Memphis, with a day trip to Space Camp in Huntsville, AL.  (Space Geek side notes:  In the past 3 years we have been to Space Camp, the Smithsonian Air & Space, Kansas Cosmosphere, Kennedy and Johnson.  My wife will probably put her foot down next summer!  First trip back to Space Camp since I attended for 2 weeks in 1989.  It’s an amazing place that has only gotten better over the years.)   During normal life at home, our family of five is going all different directions with friends, practices and games, so it’s refreshing to spend extended time with all of us together.  When we get back home, we actually miss each other for a few days!  I actually left my cell phone behind most days (gasp!) and survived!  It’s easy to overlook how pervasive technology has become over the past 10 years – make sure your vacation includes not just a physical break from work, but a mental one as well.  Even just a couple of days will make a difference, and it WILL be ok!