February 2011 – Lenovo

The Space Shuttle Discovery lifted off today for the last time. A liftoff always brings out the space geek in me – I attended a 10 day session of Space Camp in Huntsville, AL when I was 14 years old, just a couple of years after the movie was released. I hate to see the shuttle program winding down. Many important lifestyle advances we enjoy came directly out of the space program. For example, things such as kidney dialysis and the new artificial heart have been based on technology found in space shuttles. These items have saved many lives. Of course we have enjoyed immeasurable benefits from improved weather prediction, environmental monitoring, communication, and other technological advances. I’m not sure I could find my way from home to the office anymore without GPS!

On board the shuttle today are a host of Lenovo ThinkPad notebooks. In fact, ThinkPad notebooks have been involved in every NASA Shuttle space flight since STS-67 in 1995 beginning with the ThinkPad 755. ThinkPad notebooks have also been utilized onboard the International Space Station (ISS) since the 2A mission in 1998 (to present day). In fact, Lenovo ThinkPads are the only laptop certified for use on the shuttle or space station! Follow the jump for more information and a picture!

I’ve long believed that Lenovo Thinkpads were the most rugged, best performing business laptops available, and I’m glad to see that NASA agrees. Yesterday, Lenovo announced a new series of laptops that will be available in March. Lenovo is always the innovator, and these new models are no disappointment. We’re talking 30 hour battery life, instant boot and Turbo Boost! The new T420s will be my new laptop the day they are available (under 4 pounds, 14” wide screen, DVD-RW, 6 hour battery life, fastest notebook available).

If you haven’t checked out Lenovo, give us a call!

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