Google Alerts – Newsletter Blog, 4/20/2010

With Social Media finding its way into every business and aspect of life, do you know what’s being said about your company online? If not, you should. Instant collaboration tools like Twitter and Facebook allow news to spread quickly, both good and bad. There may be people praising your company or writing about good things you are doing and wouldn’t you like to know that? The flip side is that there may be some negative things being said and you certainly want to know that and have the opportunity to respond before your reputation suffers, fairly or unfairly.

Google has a free app called Google Alerts that will watch over your online reputation. It only takes a minute to setup and you can receive a daily message with links to every place your company has been mentioned on the web. Besides monitoring your own company, you might setup alerts for some of your key partners or competitors – this is a great way to stay in the loop and gain a competitive edge. Also make sure you establish alerts for your key clients and prospects, and watch for an opportunity to give them a pat on the back. They will certainly appreciate it. Give it a try, you’ll be glad you did!